Author: Stevan Pešić

Director: Vladimir Lazić

Playwright: Željko Mijanović и Vladimir Lazić

Song lyrics: Željko Mijanović

Total design: Filip Jevtić, Jelena Stanojević, Tamara Jeremić

Composer: Aleksandar Saša Lokner

Choreography: Petar Pjer Rajković

Assistant director: Saša Latinović

Assistant director and playwright: Ivan Makgarić 

Cast: Marko Gvero, Teodora Marčeta, Ljubomir Bulajić, Zoran Todorović, Ljiljana Živić, Dragana Vasić, Jovan Popović, Biljana Mihajlović, Goran Popović, Ivana Todorović


"Everything for love“, a touching love story, is placed in exotic landscapes of the Middle East and Africa. When Vladimir Lažić is a director, everything is chaotic, lively and everything is possible. From free children´s play, fantasy, a world where everything is strange and unusual, and yet in a special way close and recognizable. „Everything for love’’ is a theatrical version of the miraculous novel "Velimir I Bosiljka", by Milovan Vidaković, the first Serbian novelist, a contemporary of Walter Scott, whose novels were adored by generations. "As soon as Serbian child is grown enough to know how to read, it is reading novel by Vidaković!”, Jaša Ignjatović said. Vuk Karadžić was very strict with this writer, and he said that he is "Talking nonsense like grandmother when she`s sick.” If he had a right, the audience would decide. The novel was modernized and dramatized by Stevan Pešić, and for the needs of the play by Željko Mijanović, who is also the writer of lyrics for songs.

 7-77 y.

 55 '