Author: Branko Ćopić

Director: Dragoslav Todorović

Dramatization: Предраг Бјелошевић
Design of puppets, scenography and costumes: Jelena Milić-Zlatković
Music: Vladimir Pejković

Cast: Goran Popović, Jovan Popović, Zoran Todorović, Željka Mandić, Dragana Vasić, Zorana Milošaković-Tasić


The fairy tale Hedgehog's house was and still is one of the most beautiful and read fairy tale for children in all parts of the former Yugoslavia. A unique fairy tale about love for his home was written by Branko Ćopić. He used verses full of beauty of thoughts and images and wit and wisdom, from the first to the last stanza. He did it in very humorous way. My role as a playwright was reflected in the fact that I kept the whole Ćopić's fairy tale at all cost, but plot and the main characters (Hedge Hedgehog, postman Rabbit, Fox, Wolf, Bear and Wild Boar) as well as situations, expand with the dialogues and write in Ćopić's witty way. I don't know how successful I was, the children will say best after watching the play. But I'm sure of one thing, after the play no one will come out sad, but happy and delighted with what they saw. Predrag Bjelošević

 5-8 y.

 45 '