Author: Igor Bojović

Director: Miroslav Lekić

Scenography: Veljko Despotović

Costume: Jelisaveta Tatić Čuturilo

Music: Tomo Babović

Masks: Sendy Kumalakanta

Cast: Marina Dimitrijević/Teodora Marčeta, Borko Sarić, Goran Popović


The play "Beauty and the Beast", using a combination of a mask, an acting game and a video projection, tells, in a witty way, a well-known fairy tale about love that is born between the Most Beautiful of the Most Beautiful and the Beast. As the beast is actually a spoiled prince under a curse, it creates a series of comic situations, in which the court jester also participates. Music tracks appear in the play in the form of videos.

 5-12 y.

 45 '