Author: Igor Bojović

Director: Stevan Bodroža

Design of puppeets and costumes: Ivana Vasić

Scenography: Matej Antonovski

Composer: Anja Đorđević

Making of puppets and costumes: Zorana Milošaković Tasić, Vesna Balać

Cast: Goran Popović, Jovan Popović, Biljana Mihajlović, Zorana Milošaković Tasić, Zoran Todorović


Based on the text by Igor Bojović, this play authentically demonstrates the rich spirit of an ancient Norwegian fairy tale. It is a story of love between a modest girl, who grew up in a poor family, and a wonderful young man, who turns into a polar bear during the day, because he was enchanted by his evil stepmother. The richness of the characters requires several types of animation, which enhances the attractiveness of the show. This imaginative and very exciting show for children is full of adventures that the main characters go through. And as in every fairy tale, in the end, good and love defeat evil.

 4-8 y.

 60 '