Author: Ludwig Streda

Director: Emilija Macković

Puppets and costumes: Valja Panajotova

Scenography: Tihomir Macković

Music: Petar Bursać

Choreography: Slobodan Boban Ninković

Cast: Jovan Popović, Zorana Milošaković Tasić, Ljiljana Živić


Stellar and his sisters have an important task - to turn on and off the stars. One day they come down to earth. Delighted with life on earth, Stellar almost forgets about his duty. He falls in love , helps others, and with the help of his sisters, he understands how important is to fulfill his obligations. Enjoying the magical, "starry" atmosphere, during the entire trip, the children, together with Stellar and his sisters, learn important life lessons.The theater participated in the International Festival of Puppet Theaters in Kilkis (Greece) with this play.

 2-9 y.

 45 '