Author: Based on the book of poems "Još nam samo ale fale" by Ljubivoje Ršumović

Director: Marija Krstić

Dramatisation: Marija Krstić
Design of puppets: Filip Jevtić
Composer: Vladimir Pejković
Design of posters and program: Ana Petrović

Cast: Željka Mandić, Lako Nikolić, Dragana Vasić, Goran Popović, Ljilja Živić, Zoran Todorović


"Dragon's Birthday" is a play about dragons that have lived among people for centuries, unloved, discriminated and always worried about their future. We meet a dragon family in a big city, the last ones in their area. Three generations of dragons live under the same roof: grandfather and grandmother Roga, a flying mom and dad who can change his shape, while Little Dragon is a three-headed dragon. Two-year-old Caslav and his older twins, Zlav and Liva, have conjoined bodies for practical reasons. Dedicated neighbor Teresa and her mutant pet Srećko are organizing a birthday party for the twins who are six years old and they have invitited human children from the park in front of the building. When no one shows up, Little Dragonis desperate, Mom is angry, and Dad is even more discouraged in his attempts to find a job. Grandma Roga and Grandpa Ale help the parents to comfort the children, and Teresa does not give up. She finds a job ad for a driver for Dad and suggests that the twins celebrate their birthday in the park. Mom unwillingly agrees, aware that dragons must fit into human society. Grandpa and grandmother Roga decide to help them, the best they know and can, and Dad, turned into a bus, manages to get a job at Public transport. The play ends with a birthday song with children from the audience that celebrates cohabitation and acceptance for the differences among the youngest.

 4+ y.

 45 '