Author: Based on the original play by Marijana Ajzenkol

Director: Marija Barna Lipkovski

Dramatisation: Vida Davidović

Design of puppets and scenography: Sandra Nikač

Composer: Igor Andrić

Making of puppets: Darko Ivanović, Nataša Čakić-Simić

Making of scenography: Aleksandar Spasić

Making of costumes: Vesna Balać

Cast: Nela Nikolić, Ljiljana Živić, Lako Nikolić, Biljana Mihajlović, Borko Sarić


Till Eulenspiegel, right from the German fairy tales, becomes the hero of our story. It is a story about a boy who manages to make real art out of his misbehaviours, and becomes a self-proclaimed "doctor for stupidity". He often pretends to be a fool, but he is often wiser than those who want to fool him and use him, and especially than those who believe that they are the smartest. At first glance, Till seems like an ordinary villain, but he actually has a mission - he dedicates his life to showing people a distorted mirror of their bad qualities. Till is an artist of satire, life's misfortunes do not make him bitter, but he approaches every problem with enthusiasm and joy of life. 

This old story through laughter and fun reminds us that there are some values ​​that are above ordinary human authority. The life story of Till Eulenspiegel "from the cradle to the grave" is shown through a puppet technique with "table-top" animation and a design inspired by the clear and open colors of medieval miniatures.


 6+ y.

 50 '