Author: Aleksandar Popović

Director: Nevena Mijatović

Dramatization: Mina Petrić, Assistant for stage movement and animation: Lako Nikolić, Music: Igor Andrić, Costume making: Vesa Karanović, Scenography: Darko Ivanović, Aleksandar Spasić

Cast: Nina Perišić, Jovan Popović, Aleksandra Ristić, Ivana Todorović


Co-production with the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. According to the novel of the same name for children Today is the best day of the year because it’s Vesna's birthday! But mom and dad have adults as guests and they will listen to boring music ... Mom and dad don't know that a comb can be a saxophone and that children's laughter is better music. What to do when you don’t feel parental love?

 7+ y.

 45 '