Author: Milena Depolo

Director: Staša Koprivica

Design of puppets and scenography: Ivana Vasić

Composer: Srđan Marković

Design of sound: Dino Dolničar

Making of puppets and scenography: Zorana Milošaković Tasic and Vesna Balać

Cast: Borko Sarić, Zorana Milošaković Tasić, Goran Popović


The famous fable about the lazy Grasshopper and the hard-working Ant was presented  for the first time in history by the Greek ancient writer Aesop. The story is very simple. While the summer lasted - Ant worked hard, and Grasshopper sang and had fun. When winter came - Ant enjoyed the fruits of his work, and Grasshopper was hungry and he suffered in the cold. The lesson of the fable is clear. But was Aesop right? Is that so? Time is changing, and with it, fables is changing also. The puppet show "The Ant and the Gasshoppert" by the Zemun Puppet Theater "Pinocchio" tries to correct the centuries-old injustice inflicted to a serious musician, but also to tell the story of an unusual friendship and alliance through a colorful, fast comedy with a lot of music.

 4-12 y.

 40 '