Author: Jelena Popović

Director: Darijan Mihajlović

Cast: Ljiljana Živić, Dragiša Kosara, Ivana Todorović


Author of the text, Jelena Popović: This piece was created for gratitude to all artists who have educated generations of people, and it tries to continue hard but possible and necessary mission of all parents and teachers: to awake in boys and girls what makes them special and to save that. Director, Darijan Mihajlović: The boybug is part of the youth for a generation that does not have a common country but have a common childhood. My childhood was marked by programs for children, and almost every great Yugoslav star was a children's hero, in some way. That is how the famous Arsen Dedić marked the childhood of millions of children from this area. Every time I hear a song, I remember how much a carefree childhood is worth. Let this Boybug be a part of the carefree childhood of a new, smart and beautiful, completely childish, cheerful generation that will whistle a song long after the end.

 4+ y.

 45 '