Author: Aleksandar Popović

Director: Dragoslav Todorović

Composer: Vladimir Pejković

Puppets and scenography: Irina Somborac


Assistant of set designer: Uroš Todorović

Making of puppets: Darko Ivanović i Irina Somborac

Tailoring works: Vesna Balać

Joinery works: Aleksandar Spasić

Cast: Zorana Milošaković Tasić, Nikola Kekrez, Željka Mandić, Jovan Popović, Goran Popović, Ivana Todorović


This is the story of an emperor and his two guards, Arkady and Macarius. The king is strict (he has to be that way), hasty, sometimes rash, but he is also caring, worrying, sensitive and he loves his two guards. They are his loyal subjects, but they are also his advisers and, if necessary, companions, almost like friends. As you can see, there is a king who does not have to be a tyrant. Arkady is ruddy in face, quick and promptitude, ready and direct. Makarije is kind-hearted, a little slow and terribly tired because he works for the emperor during the day, and at night he has to serve the Empress of the Moon - he patches the moonlight ... the poor man is a sleepwalker. Fortunately, as in every fairy tale, someone appears who solves Makarije's torment ... There are some more characters, but then - then ... you will discover them during the play. Well, dear viewers, if we have interested you with this, enjoyment is on the horizon!

 6+ y.

 50 '