Author: Veselin Bodjev and Todor Valov

Director: Todor Valov

Design of scene, puppets and costumes: Stefanka Kiuvlieva 

Adaptation of the musical works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Plamen Mirčev Mirona

Making of puppets: Dimitar Dimitrov, Ganka Kirilova, Iva Gikova, Anelija Sadovska, Dijana Uzunova, Petja Dimitrova

Accompanist: selena Trifunović Ćapin 

Lecturer: Dijana Marojević Diklić 


Cast: Zorana Milošaković Tasić, Nela Nikolić, Marina Dimitrijević, Borko Sarić


What is scarier: to kiss a frog, or to be turned into a frog and forced to live in the mud? Is there anything more stupid than vanity, and the belief that you are something more than you really are? This is a comic, romantic, naively funny story about a spoiled and stubborn Princess who kissed the Frog, after all. The kiss turned him into a wonderful Prince ... The story is about how necessary and important it is for a human to fulfill his promises and to stand behind his actions. The classic story is told in the form of a comic buffoon opera. We will experience ridicule, insincere words and false promises, ridicule on stupidity, vanity and snobbery. The play speaks about hypocrisy in interpersonal relationships; both, in life and behind the scenes, among the actors on stage. Puppet types / king, princess, witch, prince /, as well as types of actors with their conflicts and behavior, are the subject of ironic comments and parody. "The Frog Prince" is a theater within a theater ... The two plans are developing at the same time, and complement each other. We wish to our small and big viewers a lot of sincere laughter!

 4-8 y.

 50 '