Author: Alek Rodić

Director: Sandra Rodić Janković

Design: Zorana Milošaković Tasić

Composer: Alek Rodić

Choreography: Vesna Dubak Lukić

Scenography: Zoran Stefanović, Mihailo Barić, Marija Pokrajac

Props: Marija Pokrajac

Puppets and costumes: Zorana Milošaković Tasić

Cast: Goran Popović, Ivana Todorović, Željka Mandić, Zorana Milošaković, Zoran Todorović


Where the power of actor ends, the world of puppets begins. Following the example of the Lyon street theater of the 19th century, this play makes the invisible become visible, and the plot attracts the attention of the audience so that it participates suspiciously, but actively in it and corrects the course of the story. By demystifying the actor-puppet play located anywhere and at any time, with a subtle review of the current social moment, we got to a clear message: Truth and justice, no matter how blind they are sometimes, at the end rise to the pedestal of victory. Sandra Rodić Janković, director


 5 + y.

 50 '