Author: Thorbjørn Egner

Director: Stevan Bodroža

Adaptation: Igor Bojović

Composer: Christian Hartmann, Vladimir Petričević

Scenography and puppets: Stefanka Kiuvlieva

Assistant director: Dragiša Kosara

Cast: Anita Branković, Ivana Todorović


The story of Carius and Baktus is a modern Norwegian fairy tale about two little boys - devils who live in the mouths of children who do not brush their teeth. In those teeth, they drill tunnels, make houses with livingrooms and bedrooms, balconies and garages for their gingerbread cars. These cheerful silly anti-heroes rejoice when sweets and caramels fall into the mouth of the girl Jeca (who is their latest host), and they are desperate when Jeca brushes her teeth or goes to the dentist, and when a terrible toothbrush, or even worse a drill, comes to their home.Carius and Baktus are thrown out of Jeca's mouth, and at the end of this story, Jeca is certainly the happiest, no longer having a toothache. The play was realized with the help of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway.

 2-8 y.

 45 '