Author: Igor Bojović

Director: Dragoslav Todorović

Creator of puppets, scenography, costumes and posters: Zorana Jovanović
Composer: Aleksandar Lokner

Cast: Zorana Milošaković Tasić, Jovan Popović, Ivana Todorović, Dragana Vasić , Željka Mandić, Nela Nikolić ,Anita Branković, Goran Popović, Đorđe Kreća, Lako Nikolić, Đorđe Kadijević


Following the motives of the classic story about Peter Pan, this fairy tale is about the process of growing up. Children are going through the classic situations that this fairy tale offers, by identifying with the main character, the eternal boy Peter Pan. They learn how to painlessly overcome evil and obstacles and get to their goals. They learn how to be creative and use imagination in solving problems, so the process of growing up make easier and more acceptable. The play was made in the technique of modified Japanese bunraku puppets. The play won awards at the Meetings of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia (for the best play, directing and animation) as well as acting awards at the Festić and Kotor Children's Theater Festival.

 2-12 y.

 55 '