Author: Saša Eržen

Director: Silvan Omerzu

Puppet creation and scenography: Silvan Omerzu Music: Vasko Atanasovski Text translation: Nebojša Pop-Tasić Puppet and set design: Žiga Lebar, Silvan Omerzu Costume sculptures for puppets: Iztok Hrga


Cast: Division 1: Nela Nikolic Lako Nikolic Division 2: Anita Branković Đorđe Kreća


The idea for the story "Rabbit and Dog" originated from one of the most famous and shortest Slovenian folk tales, when a dog chases a rabbit because it stole his shoes, but to this day he has not caught it. In the story, the rabbit and the dog are neighbors who are constantly waiting, comparing and competing with each other. The rabbit also tells a story about why the dog is chasing after him, from his point of view, and his story is completely different from the dog's. They're different anyway. The dog wears sneakers, rabbit shoes. The rabbit loves carrots, the dog loves sausages. One hears better, the other pains

 2+ y.

 40 '