Author: Based on the fairy tale of A.S. Pushkin

Director: Marija Krstić


Design of puppets, scenes and costumes: Filip Jevtić

Making of puppets, scenography, props and costumes: Filip Jevtić, Jelena Stanojević, Antun Gverović

Cast: Zorana Milošaković-Tasić, Dragana Vasić, Goran Popović


Fisherman Felix and his wife Georgina are living poorly in a small hut on the seacoast. Felix likes fishing, because he can enjoy in the sightseeing and he can play the blues on the harmonica. Georgina spends her time in the house, doing housework, and dreaming about wealth, fame and romance that she sees on the TV. One day, attracted by the harmonica blues, one strange Golden fish has been caught on the hook. She has promised the Fisherman that if he let her go, she will make his wish come true. He didn’t make a wish, but he did put her back in the water. When he came home, he told his wife Georgina everything about the strange Golden fish. She sees an opportunity to make all of her dreams come true.  When a young, handsome surfer appear on the beach near the fisherman’s house, that makes her imagination even more intensive, so Georgina’s wishes become bigger and crazier.

A word from the director

With magical and imaginary playing with current motives, the play shows negative examples the youngest encounter constantly through the media and that humanity and honesty can be rewarded even today. The play is for older preschoolers and children of younger school age (from 5 years), as well as their parents, educators and teachers.

 5-10 y.

 45 '