Author: Igor Bojović

Director: Stevan Bodroža

Composer: Vladimir Petričević

Scenography and puppets: Stefanka Kiuvlieva

Cast: Željka Mandić, Zoran Todorović, Jovan Popović, Dragana Vasić, Nela Nikolić, Ljiljana Živić


When the boy, named Milovan, comes to the age when he feels ugly and thinks that no one loves or accepts him, Andersen comes to his aid and through The story of the ugly duckling teaches him to accept himself. Along with the sad growing up of the ugly duckling and his transformation into a magnificent swan, the pimpled boy grows into a handsome boy, a pilot, girls favorite. The witty text, the combination of puppets, shadows, and live games and music that fully evokes the atmosphere, make the show interesting for all ages.

 4-12 y.

 50 '