Author: Based on the text by Jovan Jovanović Zmaj

Director: Žanko Tomić

Adaptation, music selection: Žanko Tomić

Design of scene and costumes: Tanja Žiropađa

Design of puppets: Zorana Milošaković Tasić

Cast: Dragiša Kosara, Nela Nikolić, Borko Sarić


A word from director

This play is conceptually like a homage to the folk puppet theater, a tradition that originated and lived only on the streets and squares of cities, and whose charm is precisely in the closer, de-academicized relationship between the stage and the children's audience. That is why our show takes place on the market, on one stall with vegetables. It is a suitable place for this Zmaj Jova's "potato game". In addition, the market, just like Zmaj Jova's work, radiate with life and simplicity. And the vendors are, again, something like folk actors. It's like that the actors are selling us a story, and the vendors are selling us potatoes and radishes. Žanko Tomić

 4+ y.

 40 '