Serbia-Iran Childhood Friendship Week

Within the framework of the Serbian-Iranian childhood friendship week, the play "Light" will be performed at the Pinocchio Puppet Theatre on Saturday (November 5th) 2 p.m..
The performance takes place in a courtyard in where there is a house that the sun shines its light on every day. The house eventually becomes inspired and attracted by the sunlight, and it wants to ascend to the sun and join it. But when she realizes, she can't go to the sun, she turns into an apple tree whose branches extend to the sun. But the tree also realizes that it can't reach the sun no matter how much it wants to and tries, and it turns into a rabbit. The rabbit runs and jumps in the yard with the sun's rays, but the sun rises again in the sky and leaves. The rabbit sees that even he can't get to the sun, so he turns into an old woman. The old woman imitates the movement of the sun, hoping to become one with it, and starts dancing with the sun. The sun likes it, so he gives the old woman two angel wings and the old woman flies to the sun and joins with it. And then the highest stage of existence was reached.

This is the mystical story of the famous 13th-century Iranian poet Rumi, but it has been easily translated into an attractive play for children. The music in the play is performed by one of the actors live on stage.

The performance will be followed by creative workshops where the children will have the opportunity to articulate what they saw in the play and to make sculpture out of plastic.

The entrance to the show and the workshops is free.