Author: Ivana Koraksić

Director: Ivana Koraksić

Dramatisation: Marina Ćetković

Puppets: Filip Jevtić

Costumes: Vesna Balać, Jelisaveta Obradović

Stage movement assistant: Sanja Cvrkotić

Cast: Ivana Todorović, Vojislav Šantić, Jovan Popović


The play is an author's project directed , for the youngest audience,  by Ivana Koraksić. The recipe for play consist of a mixture of puppets, juggling, dancing and animation of objects in an unexpected order. Our heroes, Black, White and Gray, live in a boring black and white world. They are discovering the world of colors, representing them one by one in a fun, exploratory and imaginative way - each color takes them on a short adventure. By conquering all colors, they discover the Rainbow, the Queen of colors. In the center of the play is the GAME - a game with colors and objects. The play stimulates children's imagination - children are invited to give meanings by getting to know an unusual world through which they are guided by colors from hats. The play is a co-production of the Pinocchio Puppet Theater and the Circus Sphere.

 3-8 y.

 45 '