Author: Đorđe Kosić

Director: Anđelko Beroš

Text: Đorđe Kosić
Music: Irena Popović Dragović


Cast: Anita Branković,Nikola Ranđelović,Ivana Todorović,Danilo Milić,Anđela Alavirević,Jovan Stanković


"The Magic City" is the story of a Girl and her Father who suddenly face difficult life circumstances. In order to protect his daughter from the cares of the adult world, the father invents fairy tales about the town that has been cast a spell, and his friends help him in this: the Painter, the Architect, the Veterinarian and the Train Driver. In that city, trains and buildings come to life, trees dance, and animals paint and play instruments. Through stories about the Magical City, the Girl learns about the power of imagination, which creates joy and hope even in the most difficult situations.

Đorđe Kosić, writer

 5+ y.

 45 '