Author: Jelena Paligorić Sinkević

Director: Goran Damjanac

Text: Jelena Paligorić Sinkević;
Stage design: Irina Somborac;
Stage movement: Mirko Knežević

Cast: Wolf: Goran Popović Goat: Željka Mandić Hedgehog: Lako Nikolić Kids: Zorana Milošaković-Tasić, Biljana Mihajlović i Ljiljana Živić


In the forest lives a wolf called Bauk, but he has no way to build or find a home form himself. The forest is getting ever smaller, fields are almost non-existent. One night, the wolf Bauk had a dream in which he learned that there was a house near, in the house is where Goat called Roza and her kids live. Goat Rosa goes every day and works hard, and the kids are left alone. Wolf Bauk tries to enter the house a couple of times, but he fails. The kids have been taught to be vigilant. After three unsuccessful attempts, Wolf Bauk managed to break into the kid's house. He finds them at the table, eating watermelons and melons. While he chases the kids, one of them puts a big piece of watermelon in his mouth. The wolf is delighted with the taste. However, worried that there would be no food all the time and that he would be hungry, he asked the kids what he should do. Goat Roza returns and when she enters the house, she is horrified that Wolf Bauk is there, but also confused because he did nothing wrong to the kids. They all decide to plant watermelons and melons together and have food forever.

 3+ y.

 45 '